Prelimb Mobile App Features

Diverse Plant Library

This button pulls out the library of 3D model plants to place in your library

Using 3D models from the extensive, drought tolerant plant library, pick the plants you want to build your dream garden. You can also find basic growing information such as sun and water requirements. Prelimb strives to help you choose water conscious plants that create a sustainable, low-maintenance outdoor spaces.

Plant Growth Visualization

Prelimb's defining feature is the growth slider. When the slider is moved a growth animation begins to demonstrate how your plants will look in the future. The animation is based on the plants' relative annual growth rate and the maximum height. Save money and time by planting the right plants.

Share it!

Share your design with friends and family

Share a screenshot of your creation on Facebook, Twitter, or send to a friend's E-mail. Don't forget to share your design with your favorite local nursey to get a professional's input.

Why should you use Prelimb as your garden app?

Why Prelimb?   

Aside from Prelimb's innovative features, this mobile app also is an important tool for creating sustainable, drought tolerant gardens. We aren't simply creating a novelty app- learn about what defines Prelimb as a unique DIY gardening tool.

Why Prelimb?   
Slider allows you to grow your plants over time