The Prelimb Team

We're a diverse group of people with a diverse set of skills; and we're proud of it! However, we are always seeking new talent. So feel free to contact us if you'd like to see your picture up here.

David Harms

Growing up building computers, David found a lot of comfort in the tech world. After taking a summer job in a National Park, David found interest in landscape architecture. While completing his BLA at Cal Poly, he always sought to connect his two interests: tech and environmental design. Noticing that landscape architects have a limited toolset in communicating things like plant growth and decay, David found an opportunity to combine his passions and created Prelimb, a tech-driven way to visualize plant data. David is the Visionary and Founder.

Visionary and Founder

Jim Wells

Jim believes that anything you can dream can be represented in a digital format, giving us the ability to express our deepest yearnings and ambitions to others in a fun and easy way. That is why joining the Prelimb team was so exciting for him. For those who can't draw (like himself), Prelimb is an amazingly simple way to show others the ideal landscape design you have in mind, and includes all the steps to making your dream a reality! No art skills required! Jim currently works on the back-end coding for Prelimb, and is brushing up on his 3D skills to create plants in-app.


Monica Alderette

Monica Alderette started with Prelimb as an advisor, and joined the team as our Operations Executive a year ago. Previously she worked with Havok, a Dublin-based start-up, and aided in getting their gaming physics engine over to the US. She’s an avid gardener and enjoys landscape design as well as flower and food gardens which are what originally sparked her interest in Prelimb. Her undergraduate degree is also a BLA from Cal Poly and she earned her M.B.A. in Sustainable Management from The Presidio Graduate School. Her graduate work focused on water and waste reduction which drives her passion to work on a non-profit sector of Prelimb Inc.

Operations Executive